TRISTE (Mafalda Minnozzi) at BIRDLAND [NEW YORK / USA]

At the end of this video, amidst the applause of the enthusiastic Birdland audience, a voice shouts … “Brava Mafalda!” and confirms the success of yet another performance by Mafalda Minnozzi in the legendary New York club to mark the “sold out” debut of SENSORIAL. The personality and spontaneity of Mafalda, the originality of the arrangements by guitarist Paul Ricci, the joyful “groove” of the band made up of Paul Ricci, Art Hirahara, Harvie S, Rogerio Boccato and Victor Jones are fully revealed in the singer’s new musical project and in this phenomenal interpretation of “TRISTE” by Jobim. The fun and creative interplay of the solos that challenge the introspective text of this Bossa Nova classic remind us that Brazilian music has forever changed the language of jazz