– Bio Mafalda Minnozzi –


In many countries around the world, Mafalda Minnozzi is know and recognized as a woman of a thousand facets.

She composes, interprets, dedicates her time to social projects and even designs her own stage wardrobe. She is a strong woman who does not shy away from the challenges faced in establishing herself as one of the top names in music. She’s a multicultural singer who through research, study and creative challenges that are all reflected in the profound sentiment found in her music, produces a record every year.

Through her art she promotes integration beyond social and political barriers and is always in search of a personal path to propose a one of a kind event onstage. The feedback and interaction she enjoys with her fan base is something the artist holds dear to her heart and this communication has evolved over her career and helped to serve as an inspiration for new ideas in her artistic endeavors.
With keen sensitivity and artistic maturity, qualities that are apparent in her work both in the studio and on stage in her busy agenda of shows, Minnozzi actively promotes and presents the beauty and tradition of Italian and Neopolitan music both to the Brazilian public and beyond into the world. The invitations to perform Italian music are constant, demonstrated by the recent concerts in the main square of Asunción, Paraguay.

Although her love of Italian music is in her heart and soul, her nature and talent have allowed her to explore other musical forms. In her new project entitled “eMPathia” which mixes jazz, swing and bossa nova elements, she lays the groundwork for a more universal musical language that expands her message and incorporates new trends in the music and audiovisual industry. This latest project has enabled her to publish and share her art on various digital platforms.

Each of these musical endeavors by Mafalda Minnozzi draw from her origins, from the memory of that child with eyes closed, listening with great emotion and fascination to the divas Edith Piaf, Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday and Caterina Valente. Studying the vocal timbres and expressions in the voices of her divas, Mafalda discovered the natural power of her own voice and how to apply the colors of jazz to it.

From an early age she instinctively applied this language to her voice enabling her to stand out from her peers to win so many competitions for young talents so popular in the 1980’s and early 1990’s when she set out on her journey into the world of music. Moved by passion and curiosity, she went to Rome to study singing with maestro Gustavo Palumbo, modern dance with the choreographer Marco Ierva at IALS and theater with Roberto Marafante in the “Compagnia della Rancia” directed by Saverio Marconi. In 1990 she put her talent and preparation to good use at the world famous Roman cabaret “Cabala” where she landed front and center in the Roman music scene while simultaneously joining the cast of the TV program “Uno Mattina” (RAI Uno) where she excelled in two seasons once again taking advantage of her eclectic repertoire drawing from jazz and classic song. This popularity led her to tours in theaters in Italy, France, Germany, Greece, Switzerland and Malta with various musical projects. At this point in her career as her star was rising she received an invitation to bring her show to Brazil. Feeling confident and prepared from what she achieved in Europe, she accepted the challenge and in January 1996 she arrived in Rio De Janeiro at the music club “Paradiso” for what was to be a brief trip.

Soon after she fell in love with the culture of the country and weaved a web of artistic relations that generated some precious collaborations that would influence the next 20 years of her life. Milton Nascimento, Leny Andrade, Paulo Moura, Leila Pinheiro, Filo Machado and Guinga are just some of the artists who shared with Mafalda their love of Italian music and the art of the encounter through various musical projects. Thanks to Mafalda, the musical meeting between Italian legend Lucio Dalla and Brazil’s “King of Samba” Martinho Da Vila was consecrated via Martinho’s portuguese lyric on the Dalla composition “Prima Dammi Un Bacio”. Mafalda introduced the song to Martinho and recorded it with him in duet on his CD and DVD “Brasilatinidade” much to the delight of Dalla.

Throughout her career in Brazil, Mafalda has released 11 CDs, 2 DVDs and 21 compilation CDs, dedicating the same passion to each project. Participating in many major TV shows and touring extensively throughout Brazil, Mafalda rapidly gained acceptance and popularity beyond the music to receive in 2000 the title of “Ambassador of Italian Music” by the Italian Consulate in Sao Paulo.
Several of her recordings and compositions were chosen for soundtracks on important film and TV dramatic productions on TV Globo and Record. Through all of this experience, her music was evolving and in musical partnership with the American guitarist and arranger Paul Ricci, Mafalda rediscovered and revisited the colors and musical expressions of the divas of her youth firmly referencing and recapturing the spirit of jazz and improvisation. Supported by a high quality production, the international dimension of the artist exploded with eMPathia and the work was applauded by the public and critics in Italy, Portugal, Germany as well as in Brazil, where in September 2016 Mafalda celebrated the 20 year anniversary of her career in Brazil with a multi-city tour of that country. The tour’s apex was at the famous Ibirapuera Auditorium in Sao Paulo where Mafalda counted on special guests Dani Black, Carlos Careqa, Simoninha, Blubell e Fabiana Cozza to help her commemorate.

The performance stages and press in New York have given and continue to give support and credibility to the eMPathia project in receiving it “with great affection” comments the singer who won praise after performing in traditional jazz clubs like the Zinc Bar as well as in cultural centers such as New York University’s Casa Zerilli- Marimò , Metropolitan Museum (MET) and at Columbia University’s WKCR radio. Two shows presented with a third already scheduled at Birdland, among the most famous jazz clubs in the world, definitively highlights Mafalda Minnozzi in the current international music scene as a singer of the highest caliber.

In this exciting new phase Mafalda sets out on a different path exploring new territory together with an audience that is less concerned with the popular aspect of the music as they are with the refined and profound emotion felt at an eMPathia live performance.

Playing with and mixing jazz and bossa nova in classic song, the artist reaffirms her identity and fame as a talented and sensitive interpreter that is both traditional and innovative and establishes herself as a classic voice in these modern times.