Mafalda Minnozzi releases the video clip “SACUMDÍ SACUMDÁ”, the Italian version of the classic “Nem Vem Que Não Tem”.

The video commemorates the 50th year anniversary of the hits release in Italy and the 80th year of the birth of Wilson Simonal, the singer who immortalized it.

Brasil and Italy: Sister countries that regardless of the Atlantic that separates them, are united by their history and by their romantic souls. Music is an important link in this union thanks to the illustrious “Ambassadors” that have crossed and continue to cross the ocean to tighten this bond.

In 1996 Mafalda Minnozzi, heeding the call, traveled to Brazil and Italian popular song quickly gained attention there via her voice on stage, recordings and soundtracks for TV series and films. It continues to shine until today because Mafalda, a very active protagonist in these times of social networking, has attracted a multitude of followers by producing and publishing videos of rare beauty, honored by celebrated directors of the Web 3.0 generation.

On Friday, December 7th, simultaneously in Brasil and Italy under the seal of “Radio Italia Anni 60”, the principal network dedicated to Italian song, Mafalda will release the video clip “SACUMDÌ SACUMDÀ”, the Italian version of the Carlos Imperial song “Nem Vem Que Não Tem” immortalized by Wilson Simonal and sung by Mina in Italy in 1968 to resounding success. Paolo Limiti’s clever Italian lyrics tell of an encounter between the devil and a woman, moreover a trickster who in trying to seduce her is rejected with firmness and humor.

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After learning more of his story through the tales of his son Wilson Simoninha, already an onstage colleague of hers in several memorable duets, Mafalda chose a “boogaloo” style to pay homage to Simonal, a great Brazilian performer who influenced Italian music in those euphoric golden years.

The director Murilo Alvesso explains that the video clip “SACUMDÌ SACUMDÀ” evokes the iconography of three countries: Italy, the Untied States and Brazil. “Italy first, since Mafalda, in my eyes is an heiress worthy of the poetry of Fellini reflected in the face of Giulietta Masina in a sublime narrative; the Unites States because Paul Ricci, her genial and inseparable guitarist, adds the mystique of the blues on the dark crossroads of this mysterious encounter; and Brazil, the country in which on every corner we can encounter charismatic figures full of folkloric wisdom like our Devil “à Zé Pelintra” with his touch of voodoo.


Voice: Mafalda Minnozzi
Guitar: Paul Ricci
Dancer: Adeilton Ribeiro

Script, Direction and Editing: Murilo Alvesso
Production Director: Jorge Yuri
Photo Director: Dani Gurgel and Murilo Alvesso
Art Director: Gisele Frederico
Makeup: Bárbara Khalil
Lighting Design: Nara Zocher
Executive Producer: Victor Dias
Production Assistent: Luiza Gaspar
Lighting Engineer: Alexandre Muniz